PermSRAM Licensed to ROHM

Aug 24, 2007

NSCore’s PermSRAM® Nonvolatile Memory Licensed to ROHM

Fukuoka, Japan – Aug 24, 2007

NSCore, Inc., a supplier of nonvolatile memory (NVM) intellectual property (IP), today announced an agreement under which NSCore’s PermSRAM technology is licensed to ROHM (Tokyo:6963), a Japanese leading semiconductor manufacturer for use throughout its logic products. NSCore’s PermSRAM will enable high-performance embedded non-volatile memory solution in ROHM’s SoC designs for their Consumer, Communication and all other applications.

“Since most of Rohm’s customers are now demanding products from us with embedded OTP or FTP memory we decided to thoroughly research NV options for over a year” said Director of Rohm LSI Development Systems Headquarters. “We needed a high speed NV Memory that required only a small area, and which would be quick and easy to integrate into not just our .18um process, but into future process generations. NSCore’s PermSRAM technology is the obvious choice”.

“We are glad that Rohm appreciates the vitality of our technology” said NSCore’s president Dr Tadahiko Horiuchi. The PermSRAM implementation is particularly resilient to process variations and does not require additional process steps or masks. Retention and reliability is excellent even up to 150 degrees C. The PermSRAM portability has been proven down to 65nm.

About NSCore

Founded in 2004, NSCore develops and licenses non volatile memory technologies for SoC semiconductors developed for digital rights management, LCD gamma adjustment, power management and other applications needing fast, multiple write NV Memory. For more information, please visit

About Rohm

Established in Kyoto, Japan, in 1958, ROHM designs and manufactures integrated circuits and other electronic components. The company’s product line includes monolithic ICs, power modules, transistors, diodes, light emitting diodes, laser diodes, liquid crystal displays, printheads, contact image sensors, photo link modules, resistors and capacitors. ROHM has manufacturing plants in seven countries and a global sales operation from the Far East to North America. ROHM is among the top twenty semiconductor manufacturers worldwide.

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