MTP/OTP Memory Compilers

Oct 11, 2018

SOMERVILLE, N.J., Oct. 10, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Spectral Design & Test Inc. (SDT), the leading provider of embedded MemoryIP, announced it has signed a joint marketing agreement (JMA) with NSCore Inc to OEM MTP/OTP solutions based on SDT’s Memory Development EDA platform. The combination of targeted automation software and silicon proven NVM IP for MTP/OTP, customers will now have access to One/Multiple Time Programmable (OTP/MTP) non-volatile flash memory that can be configured for their PPA requirements. New IOT applications require architectural exploration with requirements changing through the product development lifecycle. The Spectral and NSCore partnership is designed to deliver innovative embedded memory technology to semiconductor chip designers and system integrators. The JMA includes joint development, sales, marketing and service investments to support both companies MemoryIP and software product lines.

OTP/MTP solutions from NSCore are silicon proven from 180nm to 22nm process nodes. Spectral sells software for tiling, analysis, characterization and verification of MemoryIP. The methodology and  expertise to develop Memory Compilers enables Spectral to efficiently develop cost-effective solutions without upsetting the customers ecosystem. Spectral will work closely with NSCore engineers to provide configurable OTP/MTP solutions to the marketplace. Both companies will leverage their respective sales channel to deploy each other’s MemoryIP offerings.

“NSCore is a leader in non-volatile memory solutions with a very unique technology that ensures a highly reliable and secure MTP/OTP product line that is thoroughly tested for reliability & endurance over a wide range of technologies,” said Deepak Mehta, President and CEO of SDT. “By combining Spectral’s one-of-a-kind Memory Development software and NSCore’s patent-protected IP from NSCore, our customers will benefit with a highly flexible solution that provides NVM technology with no extra process steps.”

“Spectral has world-class expertise and infrastructure to create configurable memory designs,” said Tadahiko Horiuchi, President & CEO of NSCore. “Spectral’s expertise in developing SRAM/RF/ROM compilers in conjunction with our high capacity OTP/MTP solutions will help us deploy a highly differentiated product that benefits our mutual customers. NSCore will help Spectral expand their footprint in the Far East for their Memory Compiler automation software & MemoryIP (SRAM/RF/ROM), complementing the effort Spectral will put toward supporting and tapping the OTP/MTP market in the Americas.”

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