PermSRAM is a versatile nonvolatile memory macro available on foundry standard CMOS platform covering process node of 180nm to 28nm and beyond. The series features wide varieties of nonvolatile memory functions 1) one-time programmable ROM and pseudo multi-time PROM incorporated with multi-page configuration, 2) wide memory size of 64bit to 512Kbit, 3) non-rewritable hardware safety lock for security code storage.

TwinBit performs the electrically erase operation for min. 64bit to max. 512K bits memory density and serves as a true electrical rewritable memory technology up to 10K P/E cycling with zero additional masking layer. TwinBit technology is very similar to the PermSRAM and has almost compatible macro interface.

The datasheets are provided for the convenience of our customers. New revisions are available at this page.


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