NSCore’s TwinBit™ is an embedded, true logic-based non-volatile memory solution with an extremely high endurance performance of >10K (PROGRAM) cycles.  TwinBit can be implemented seamlessly in CMOS logic processes, with particular ease in advanced nodes, and without additional masks or process steps.  The TwinBit series covers a memory size range of 64- to 512K-bits, making it suitable for analog trimming, security key storage and system switch of ASIC/ASSP.


  • Security Code Storage
  • Program Storage
  • Analog Trimming
  • Gamma Correction
  • Memory Repair
  • Feature Selection
  • Patch Code
  • Chip ID
  • DRM
  • HDMI Decode


  • Smallest Si area
  • Tamper-resident by invisible charge trap memory mechanism
  • Non-rewritable hardware safety lock
  • No charge pump required in read operation
  • Built-in-self-test circuit supports stress-free test environments.
  • All bits fully testable with conventional test equipments
  • Automotive grade data retention over 150 deg C.

Technology Comparison


                                      TwinBit                   eFLASH                1Poly EEPROM           

Bit Area                         1                              1                            100

Retention                      10 Year                  10 Year                  10 Year

P/E                                100K Cycle            10K Cycle              100K Cycle

Add. Mask                     None                      +10 Mask              None

Add. Process None        None                   Stacked Poly            None

Read Cycle                    50MHz                    50MHz                30MHz

Operational Temp.        150ºC                     150ºC                     85-150ºC

Storage                         150ºC                      150ºC                    85-150ºC

Program Voltage           5.5V                         10V                        20V

Read                              Byte                         Byte                      Byte

Program                        Byte/Page                Block                     Byte

Erase                             Byte/Block               Block                     Byte




                                                                      TwinBit                 eFLASH                       

Campatibility with Standard IPs                 Compatible            Not Compatible

Development TAT                                         Short                     Very Long

Manufacuring Cost                                      Low (+0%)             High (+30-50%)

Leading Edge Process                                  Available               Not Available



 Product Brief for Automotive-Grade TwinBit™ for TSMC0.18um Process