The Key feature of PolarBit™ is “ONE TRANSISTOR CELL” which can expand the application of memory in Mbit range.
NSCore’s PolarBit™ is an embedded, true logic-based non-volatile memory solution with an extremely high endurance performance of 10K (PROGRAM) cycles.  PolarBit can be implemented seamlessly in CMOS logic processes, with particular ease in advanced nodes, and without additional masks or process steps.  The PolarBit series covers a memory size range of 1M- to 100M-bits, making it suitable for code storage of MPU/MCU-like chips/applications.


  • Program Code
  • Boot ROM
  • System Boot Buffer


  • eFLASH replacement for R&D cost reduction
  • eFLASH replacement for manufacturing cost reduction
  • High density and large capacity
  • No charge pump required in READ operation
  • Built-in self-test circuit supports stress-free test environments
  • All bits fully testable with conventional test equipment
  • Automotive grade data retention over 150 deg C.

Technology Comparison


                                      PolarBit                   eFLASH                1Poly EEPROM           

Bit Area                         1                              1                            100

Retention                      10 Year                    10 Year                  10 Year

P/E                                10K Cycle                10K Cycle              100K Cycle

Add. Mask                     None                        +10 Mask              None

Add. Process None        None                   Stacked Poly            None

Read Cycle                    100MHz                  100MHz                30MHz

Operational Temp.        150ºC                       150ºC                     85-150ºC

Storage                          150ºC                       150ºC                     85-150ºC

Program Voltage           5.5V                         10V                        20V

Read                              Byte                         Byte                       Byte

Program                        Byte/Page                Block                     Byte

Erase                             Byte/Block               Block                     Byte




                                                                      PolarBit                 eFLASH                       

Campatibility with Standard IPs                 Compatible            Not Compatible

Development TAT                                         Short                     Very Long

Manufacuring Cost                                      Low (+0%)             High (+30-50%)

Leading Edge Process                                  Available               Not Available